Ilan Lev Method

Sándor Petrovics - ILM - Feminine and masculine

Feminine & masculine

Feminine and masculine are not the same as male and female. They are representation of unity (marriage) that results in healthy life. Work – forward going building, therefore space – is masculine, reproduction is feminine is cyclical and represents time and restoration. Feminine is round, feminine is circular and has to do with restoration, recreation. […]

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Petrovics Sándor - ILM - Elválasztódás


ILM originates from cosmology according to which man is a miniature copy of the Universe. The Book of Genesis also mentions that there has been a separation/break in man when the natural and the rational got separated. Spirituality, playfulness and trust were part of the natural, which all stem from connection. It’s due to the

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Petrovics Sándor - ILM - Köldök


It returns to the cosmology where man was at the center of the Universe and which did not endow humans with rights but with responsibilities. They had the task of being a link between the paradoxical worlds that stretch reality like a sail. They had the responsibility to become mediators between thoughts and action, work

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Petrovics Sándor - Vizek

Crossing of waters

When people are deeply connected to themselves and are reborn, it is almost impossible to describe the experience without a language filled with religious and nature-like terms. Such words are like ’light’, ’darkness’ or ’water’.     One of these common human experiences is birth and rebirth which both appoint to water. For this reason,

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Petrovics Sándor - Paradicsom


The Ilan Lev treatment is a holistic approach to the human being, who simultaneously carries the rational and the irrational, the visible and the invisible, the narrative and the objective.     The biblical word Paradise means ’watered garden’ in Persian. An idyllic place where the wildness of nature and the artificial human environment were

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Petrovics Sándor - Kis halál

Small death

Ilan Lev comes from the cosmology where man is an ultimate mystery and that we are just as much the miniature copy of the Universe as we are part of it.     Each exhalation is a reminder of that last moment and each life-giving inhalation is a prerequisite for that last exhalation. Thus –

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Petrovics Sándor - Hegyi beszéd

Sermon on the mount

Ilan Lev stems from a cosmology where man ultimately is a mystery, that cannot be described with numbers, names of muscles or bones. We are miniature copies of the Universe.     Ilan Lev treatment is a bodily experience of how life takes care of us. During these meetings, we rest and linger in this

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