Crossing of waters

When people are deeply connected to themselves and are reborn, it is almost impossible to describe the experience without a language filled with religious and nature-like terms. Such words are like ’light’, ’darkness’ or ’water’.


Sándor Petrovics - ILM - Crossing of waters


One of these common human experiences is birth and rebirth which both appoint to water. For this reason, many stories contain the mythological crossing of waters, and this is why some religious practices, such as baptism, immersions in mikve, purification in the Ganges and other holy waters have been evolved. Such stories have become a world-wide human heritage: in addition to the creation stories and ark narratives, Tanach reports about the crossing of the Red Sea, New Testament about the baptism in Jordan river; in Greek mythology, the river Styx that separates the dead from the living, or Caesar and the crossing of the Rubicon, Constantine the Great’s Milvius Bridge battle, Napoleon at the Adda River, Washington, etc. – they are all deeply connected to waters.

The common motif in all of them is that the immersion in water and passing through it opened a significant and new chapter in people’s lives.

The Ilan Lev Method also stems from this understanding: the condition of every creature’s existence on the Earth is water. For us, humans beings, from the moment of our conception till our death, this is our living space and matrix, as 70 percent of our body is water. And so, by returning to this environment , we can really connect to ourselves and face our shadows so that we can eventually come out from hiding to experience the light.