Feminine & masculine

Feminine and masculine are not the same as male and female. They are representation of unity (marriage) that results in healthy life. Work – forward going building, therefore space – is masculine, reproduction is feminine is cyclical and represents time and restoration.

Feminine is round, feminine is circular and has to do with restoration, recreation. She is the moon with her cycles. As woman’s stomach swells with baby and goes back. The changeable, seasonable that comes back to the starting point: woman is connected to cyclical time. It is not by chance that traditionally our time measuring gadgets are also round at shape.

Sándor Petrovics - ILM - Feminine and masculine

She is the soil, and she is the flood: in her period when her body ejects the egg that did not meet the seed to create life – parallel to the Biblical Flood – the woman cleans the surface of (her) Earth to make space for the next lap of life. In the Biblical Genesis even her very first appearance is also connected to sleep and restoration: as she is created from the man’s side while man’s sleep. Not because she is inferior to man but because rest needs to be taken after work in order to resume creating efficiently and sustainably.

Male is the seed, the sky the information, the rules and law. Female is the fertile soil, the earth and the potential and grace. Only these two divisions combined result in life and healthy structures.