It returns to the cosmology where man was at the center of the Universe and which did not endow humans with rights but with responsibilities. They had the task of being a link between the paradoxical worlds that stretch reality like a sail. They had the responsibility to become mediators between thoughts and action, work and rest, up and down, heaven and earth, past and present, man and woman, life and death. Thus, if we imagine life as an ever-repeating pattern – like a figure of eight – a human’s place would be at the „navel” of this figure of eight.


Sándor Petrovics - ILM - Navel


ILM works with a wave that constantly flows through us, yet it does not begin nor end anywhere. While circuling, it keeps growing in us if we allow it. Therefore, during the treatment, we are observers of life, movement and vibration unfolding within us, which all that exists is made of. A state of existence which we can only connect to with humility and childlike curiosity.

Therefore, ILM is a reminder, a parking lot and a charging station, where people with the help of another person can connect to their own bodies which once might have been a battlefield or the scene of bad acts. But now ILM provides an opportunity to make peace, unwind and realize: the body is not the problem, but rather part of the solution.