The Ilan Lev treatment is a holistic approach to the human being, who simultaneously carries the rational and the irrational, the visible and the invisible, the narrative and the objective.


Sándor Petrovics - ILM - Paradise


The biblical word Paradise means ’watered garden’ in Persian. An idyllic place where the wildness of nature and the artificial human environment were in balance. Paradise is a metaplace, that is, a concept that can simultanioulsy be interpreted on several levels of reality. A geographically describable area surrounded by rivers; from the point of view of the history of human development, this is the unconscious state, where neither responsibility nor the thought of the burden of nearing death existed; but in the same way, in our individual development, the mother’s womb also means a paradise for the baby.

The Ilan Lev treatments are glimpses behind the flaming sword of the archangel in the story of creation, so that we can meet the parts of ourselves that we were not even rationally aware of, long forgotten, or hidden from ourselves. Just as forgotten, unconscious things also affect us, like secrets that first affect us until they got unveiled. The treatments help us to meet ourselves and what factually happened to us, so that we can once again stand in the garden of eden ’bare and shamelessly’ and look at the stripped tree , which some call healing.