Small death

Ilan Lev comes from the cosmology where man is an ultimate mystery and that we are just as much the miniature copy of the Universe as we are part of it.


Sándor Petrovics - ILM - Small death


Each exhalation is a reminder of that last moment and each life-giving inhalation is a prerequisite for that last exhalation. Thus – at the level of breathing – death is half of life and, at the same time, the promise of a new beginning. In many mythologies, religions and stories and movies redemption – that is paying dept for life of others, can happen only by a hero laying down his/her own life voluntarily. This is what descent from heaven to earth, from earth to the underworld, to Hades, to hell symbolizes…The Ilan Lev meetings are a gateway for us, observers and mythological heroes, to descend into deeper and deeper layers of ourselves and see what there is inside of us. It might be painful, we may not like what we see. But only from below, only from letting go, only from exhaling can we rise, inhale and start again, which some call recovery, while others call rebirth.